Get out of my city you voices of hate and chaos.
You spout evil, hatred, discord, and anarchy.
You are not welcome here.
You yell because you are small.
You do not speak for me.
You do not speak for us.
The loud voice of a few is not the voice of my city.

All people are created in His image.
All people were made valuable.
All people were made with dignity.
All people were made by Him, through Him, and for Him.
To deny this for some is to deny His voice, his image, his creation.
To accept this for only those who are like you is evil and always will be.

There is a White Supremacy Rally in my city tomorrow. It is messing with me. It is messing with my city.

Our Children are watching as a school is shut down due to a bomb threat.
Our Children are watching and that hurts me so deeply.
Our City Square is shut down in preparation for what could happen.
Our Police are being targeted as they prepare for the worst.
Our Hotels and Restaurants are overflowing as hate made the drive and settled into this town.
Our City Officials are going above and beyond to get us through this in Unity.
Our Churches are denouncing evil, gathering together, praying, and preparing.
Our Nation is watching.

I can’t imagine how much more it would mess with me if I was of a different race or culture. I can not even begin to understand what you are going through. I want to listen to you. I want to hear your heart. I want to know what I don’t because of my own ignorance.

I know this city is not perfect and we have work to do, but this hate isn’t the voice of Murfreesboro. Ignoring the ignorant is not enough we must stand together. We still have so much work to do.

The worst part about it is this rally is drawing other agents with evil agendas of their own. To stand against one evil we might not realize we are standing with an evil just as sinister.

The evil of chaos.
The evil of anarchy.
The evil of violence.
The evil that uses rage to manipulate.
The evil you don’t see pulling the strings.

We need you Lord Jesus.
We need you for this is your city.
We need you to guide us.
We need you to unite us.
We need you to change our hearts completely.
We need you to sift our own hearts to show the racism we might not even see.
We need you to fix us because only you can.
We need you in this City.
We need you because we have much work to do.
We need you.

I need you Lord Jesus.
Fix my broken heart.
Teach me to love my neighbor as you do.
Show me this city through your eyes.
Empower me to give my words to those who need it.
Give me your courage so I might stand for those who are being torn down.

Please pray for my city.
Please pray that this weekend be the beginning of true restoration.
Please pray that this city finds the answer to this hate in the love of Jesus Christ.
Please pray for those hate filled hearts to be changed by Jesus Christ.
Please pray for the safety of those serving this city.

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