Extra-Life begins today!

My friends over at Theology Gaming and I will be joining together with Extra-Life to raise funds and awareness to the good work that is done through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

I personally will be donating not just my time but also a donation of at least $20. Will you join me? Any donation, not matter how small, helps me reach my goal of $100. Together we have already raised $280 and the fun hasn’t even started yet!

I would love to raise more than $100 so please CLICK HERE!

Even if you are not able to give you can help out by sharing this post so someone else will know and hopefully join in giving!

You can follow along with the action here on our Twitch page. Today at 11 am CST Theology Gaming will begin playing and streaming for over 24 hours! I personally won’t be playing the entire time but will be on and off with the team over the weekend. We will giving away games to lucky donators and viewers over this time as well!

If you want to know when I am personally hosting join me tomorrow Saturday November 4th at 10 am CST. I will be joining forces with our good friend Jeremy Smith!

You might remember Jeremy from a series of posts I shared this past year. He has been a good personal friend, and friend of this blog. I am looking forward to our time together. He had shared an amazing story of how Children’s Miracle Network has helped out his family personally!

As a Father of 3 the heart of this organization really hits close to home. I know several friends and family who were blessed by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Several kids I know and see often are here because of this work being done. As a Pastor I have had to make several visits to our local Children’s Miracle Network hospital at Vanderbilt and it is an incredible organization.

Please join in the movement! Your contribution today will help a child have a much better tomorrow.

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Our very good friend Jeremy Grant Smith

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