What I Loved About January

Who needs more negativity and cynicism? Not I dear reader, not I!

Sometimes we just need to dwell on the things we love. I want to invite you to join along in the comments by just simply sharing the things you loved last month. It could be a moment, a show, book, smell, podcast, experience, etc… Whatever it is I just want to know what you LOVED about January! What about me? I am glad you asked!

I Loved My Family

With the all the snow, holidays, sickness, and transitions I got more time with my family than expected. This was exactly what the doctor ordered! Sure, sometimes being so cooped up for so long together we had thoughts of brutality. That being said time with those you love and those who love you in return is the most refreshing way to spend time.

I watched my 8-year-old Samuel learn how to make simple animations on his computer. It is amazing to see how much he grew in quality over as the month moved on. He worked incredibly hard at it and would take advice along the way.

My 4-year-old Joshua is a bundle of energy. This past month I watched this kid who can barely sit still focus on this wooden puzzle he got for Christmas. He spent so much time putting it together, taking it apart, and putting it together once again.

Sure he sometimes threw the pieces all over the room.
Sure he sometimes tried to use a piece as a weapon.
Sure he often dances on the puzzle when it is complete.

I just have never seen this kid sit and focus on something like that for so long. He was also extra snugly this month, which I enjoyed very much!

My 2-year-old Lainie is one sassy little girl. Her personality has really shown a sharp wittiness about her, which is crazy for a 2 year old. She wants to make you laugh. She wants to play with you. She wants to have your attention fully. She will say things to you and run off to make you chase her down. She is beautiful, so you smile while her cute little self is running away. Yeah, I am a little smitten.

My incredibly attractive wife is not only incredibly attractive, but also full of love. She loves people around her so sincerely. If I am honest, I am a bit jealous of her ability to love others.

It is Christlike.
It is giving.
It is responsive.
It is real.
It is beautiful.

I watch the way she hurts when someone she loves is hurting. I watch the way she rejoices when someone she loves has good news. I watch so much love just pour out of her. For those of you who know her know it first hand. It was something that made me know she was valuable. Plus, she is incredibly attractive!

Out of all the wonderful things I loved about January, my family topped the list. Now it is your turn…

What did you LOVE about January?


  1. I loved your blog posts.

    They were good.

    And, I love my wife and the way God is working in our lives right now.

    And I love the way He is teaching me that surrendering isn’t giving up.

    It’s waking up.


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